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A coffee from Burundi is finally making his way back to our bars! We have warm memories of our previous one (already a few years ago now) so we couldn’t be more excited that we found this charm on our cupping table a few weeks ago.

This tasty brew has a special kind of fermentation, it is an anaerobic with Oro yeast. In this blog post we will explain a bit more about what this is and what we think about the coffee. The coffee comes from the Kibingo Washing Station in the Kayanza commune. Here about 3500 smallholders produce cherry that they bring to the Kibingo Washing Station.

This is where the magic happens! The higher grade beans are put in airtight concrete tanks (the airtight part is what makes it anaerobic, without oxygen) then Oro yeast is added to the tanks. The cherry is left to ferment 36 hours with the yeast.

Oro yeast is a very specific kind of yeast that is developed for coffee production. Very cool is the fact that it really controls the wet process perfectly, while also upgrading the cup quality. This Oro yeast also has the perfect metabolism to allow the expression of fresh and fruity whilst staying true to the varietal aromas (Red Bourbon, known for its sweet taste and mostly cultivated in Central America).

Introducing yeast in the wet fermentation allows the cherry to have a longer fermentation time then most regular washed processes (around 12 hours). This Burundi is wet fermented for almost 36 hours! Imagine the kind of flavours that can be developed during this time! All kinds of elements that you would love to see in your cup, like brightness, floral, complexity, acidity, are boosted because of this.

What did this interesting way of processing actually bring to the cup for us? Well, we taste apple, blackberry, dark chocolate, floral, and sweet notes. From this week this lovely Burundi can be tasted in our bars and ordered through our webshop!

Inge is één van de eigenaressen van Back to Black coffee en brand sinds 2015 onze eigen bonen in onze roastery.

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