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Back to Black is a Coffeeroastery a bakery and we have 2 Coffeebars.

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July 19th 2014 we opened the doors of our first Specialty Coffeebar at the Weteringstraat in the city centre of Amsterdam. We started roasting in 2015. One of the many reasons why we started roasting was out of love for Craftmanship. We are constantly searching for this extraordinairy coffee with crazy wild cupping notes.

We carefully pick our green bean importers. Our importers support farmers in different ways to farm sustainable by paying better prices for better produced coffees. Our impoters also advice farmers about farming, processing and storing the green beans in better ways.

For us it it important to make all the steps from bean to cup as transparant as possible. This way the consumer can find all the information about the coffee. We believe that this is a very important step towards better and more sustainable coffee production.

This also applies to the cakes we bake. We try to only buy Organic and Local ingredients for our cakes. By baking the cakes ourselfs we know exactly what goed in them. We are perfecting our secret recipes already for years.

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We are always looking for baristas with experience in Specialty coffee. You will be working in a great team of baristas. We organize cuppings and there is always room for training to improve your barista skills.

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