Coffee Subscription – Now with extended options!

Our coffee subscription now has even more options! Instead of always receiving a changing coffee (which is, let’s be honest, still the most fun), it is now possible to influence which coffee you will receive a bit more. For example, are you a giant fan of our El Salvador, and you’re tired of having to order it yourself over and over again, you just want to receive it consistently without thinking about that? That is now a possibility! We also added choices for a “washed only” subscription, where you will receive our washed coffees alternating, or the “honey & natural” subscription where you will only receive other processings.

But, don’t worry, also the original subscription with a continuous variety of different coffees will keep existing! This one is for the coffee adventurer, who likes to try new things and wants to try our full assortment and be surprised with the coffee every delivery again!

Whatever you choose, you will not have to be afraid of running out of coffee anymore, since also the frequency of delivery is among the choices. Also perfect as a gift.

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From:  7,25 / month


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After making your choice above, a recurring SEPA payment will be set up.

The coffee subscription can be changed and terminated whenever you want. Change it yourself in your account settings.

Are you buying the subscription as a gift and do you already want to get a fixed term instead of an unlimited period? Shoot us an email at!

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All coffees alternating!, Washed Only, Honey & Natural Only, Colombia, Anserma Cooperative, Brazil, Mantiqueira Mountains, El Salvador, La Divina, Ethiopia, Bombe Washing Station, Peru, Santos Flores Cordova, Rwanda, Rushashi


Espresso, Filter


Beans, Espressomachine, Moka pot, V60, Aeropress, Chemex, French Press


200 grams, 1000 grams


1, 2, 3, 4


Every week, Every 2 weeks, Every month


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