Tricolate brewer

Included in the package:
1x Tricolate brewer, 100x filters, instruction manual

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The Tricolate is a zero-bypass coffee dripper. Developed and manufactured in Australia.

  • Eliminates uneven input whilst brewing
    An engineered shower head has been designed to disperse water evenly across the coffee at not only a consistent height but also at a specific flow rate.
  • Better coverage
    A more efficient saturation can be achieved for the bloom part of brewing, wetting all of the coffee grounds in seconds without needing to stir.
  • No more high and dry coffee grounds
    The vertical walls result in all of the coffee being in all of the water all of the time.

  • Laboratory grade filter paper
    The German manufactured paper delivers a more consistent pore structure.
    With a smaller filter size than other devices you get less paper taint in your coffee.

  • Extract more coffee.
    The 80mm wide flat brew bed increases surface area and allows for more even water to coffee contact, this results in a higher extraction.

How to brew:
Use 15g of coffee to 250ml of boiling water
Pour 35g of water, pick up and swirl the brewer.
Allow to bloom for 35 seconds, then pour the remaining water and swirl again.
Your total brew should be between 03:00-04:00 minutes.

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