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Back to Black Coffee Training

Coffee is a product manufactured by various crafts. Farmers, processors, importers, roasters and baristas help to put the best coffee on the table. Back to Black has been helping to improve and expand specialty coffee and third wave roasting since 2014.

Over the past 10 years, innovation in coffee making has accelerated at a rapid pace. To get better insights into the various aspects that come with good coffee, the professional trainers of Back to Black will take you by the hand in our training sessions. You learn to apply the right information and the right skills for a good coffee or to become a better coffee professional. Back to Black offers 10 types of training.


Workshops of 2 or 4 hours to learn how to use your espresso machine. You can choose between a full barista workshop in which you learn how to make espresso and latte art an a training with just latte art.

SCA Barista

Trainings to understand coffee well and to improve your skills. We have 3 levels. Here you will find tips on which level you can enter.

SCA Roasting

In addition to the skills as a barista, you can also choose to understand more about the roasting process or as a basis to get started with roasting yourself. We also offer this in 3 levels.

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