SCA Barista Skills Intermediate Training

The SCA Barista Skills Intermediate training is for the experienced barista who has mastered the basics long and wide, but wants to go that step further.

In this training we go over all subjects from previous trainings and dig a little deeper. We will combine theory and practice over 2 days.

You will learn more about different varieties, processing methods and how this affects the taste of the coffee. WYour techniques will be improved and we invest time in to implement this in your daily work as a barista. We will also be looking at the technical side of the machines we work with and some financial insight will be discussed.

In general we teach this training in English to learn a more international vocabulary but on request we also can teach in Dutch.

every 4th Thursday and Friday of the month we will teach an intermediate training. On request we can also find other days to do the training.

Some experience and background information is required for this training. See also our modules SCA Introduction to Coffee and SCA Barista Skills Foundation.

Not sure about your level? Read below for more info on requirements, or ask us!

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The SCA Barista Skills Intermediate training is spread over 2 days of 7 hours. The exam can be booked extra and includes a practical and written exam. We will set a date together with you for the practical exam. There will be limited space to do this immediately after the training. When you have passed your practical exam, you will receive a link to do the exam online. You can take the test untill 3 weeks after the invite to the exam. After a successful result, you will receive an official certificate and 10 points will be added to the SCA system.

every 4th Thursday and Friday of the month we will teach an intermediate training. On request we can also find other days to do the training. (mail us at

Duration – Training: 2 days of roundabout 7 hours and exam

Exam – Practicle (45 min.), theory(30 min.) online available untill 3 weeks after training.

Included – Reader, use of equipment and ingredients, lunch and of course delicious coffee!

The training will standard be given in English unless requested otherwise. We can also teach the training in Dutch.

Completing the Modules SCA Introduction to Coffee and SCA Barista Skills Foundation first is recommended, but not mandatory. We do require you to comply with the skills and knowlegde that comes with the foundation module. Are you having doubts on what level you are right now? Ask yourself the following questions: When you can tick all boxes, you are 100% ready for the Intermediate training.

  • I can recognize differences between Arabica and Robusta.
  • I can describe the flavor differences between light and dark roasted coffee.
  • I know how to work to a set espresso recipe.
  • I know how to calibrate the grinder to produce an espresso that falls within SCA suggested brew parameters.
  • I use the correct distribution and tamping techniques.
  • i possess the correct milk foaming technique to produce consistent micro foam, desired foam depth and target milk temperature.
  • I understand the correct routine to achieve desired espresso-based drink.
  • I understand the correct procedure when cleaning the grinder and espresso machine.
  • I can taste and describes difference between low-extracted / high-extracted / acceptably-extracted espressos.
  • I can describe attributes of an espresso such as aroma/ flavor/ body using SCA Coffee Flavor Wheel terminology

All amounts are incl. Vat. Payment of the training can only be return if canceled 7 days before start of the training. With less than 2 students we can reschedule the training to a different day.

Do you have any further questions? Contact us through


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