Peru – Susana Alcaron – Washed

This harvest we don’t have one, but two Peruvian coffees! This coffee has, like our other Peru, an entirely female production chain. The owner of the coffee farm (Susy) is only 27 years old and a third generation coffee producer in her family.

This specific coffee has a pretty interesting cup profiel, with the flavour of concentrated fruits (red plum and raisins) and a clear acidity. This is partially the result of the prolonged fermentation of the coffee (40 hours!). After fermenting, the coffee is dried using so-called “solar driers”, which prevent the beans from rain and bad weather.

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SKUN/A Category

Cupping notes: Concentrated berries, red plum and raisins, clear acidity
Coffee farmer: Susana Alcaron
Variety: Yellow Caturra
Region: Tabaconas district, San Ignacio, Cajamarca (Northern Peru)
Processing: Washed
Processing station: Susy
Harvest: 2020
Altitude: 1850m
Mouthfeel: Medium body

Filter: Start 4 days after roast
Espresso: Start 10 days after roast

Brew within six weeks of roasting

Weight 0.2 kg

200 grams, 1000 grams


Espresso, Filter


Beans, Moka pot, V60, Aeropress, Chemex, French Press


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