Latte Art Workshop

Do you always look at cups of coffee with perfectly poured latte art and think to yourself: wow, I wish I could do that. At Back to Black we have a lot of knowledge which we are happy to share with you in our workshops. 

Pay attention! After buying one of our workshops, we will contact you within one working day to plan a date together.

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Information workshops:

1.5 hours: In 1.5 hours we have time to teach you how to foam your milk and some of the basics of pouring latte art.

2 hours: In 2 hours we have a bit more time to delve deep and really practice together with pouring the basic figures.

4 hours: In this workshop we take a lot of time to focus on practicing pouring latte art figures and provide you with the knowledge and directions on how to continue practicing and developing this skill further by yourself after the workshop.

Because we keep our workshops small and personal, we are able to tailor them to your specific levels, skillset and preferences.

All our workshops are given at our training center on the Lijnbaansgracht.


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