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What is it what a barista does to make the coffee taste and look that great? At Back to Black we have a lot of knowledge which we are happy to share with you in our workshops.

Pay attention! After buying one of our workshops, we will contact you to plan a date together.

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Information workshops:

2 hours: In 2 hours we can explain and teach you how to extract an espresso perfectly, and we can show you how to brew with other brewing methods. Also we focus on foaming the milk to be able to get that nice microfoam for pouring latte art.

4 hours: We will start with a cupping (coffee tasting) where we will dive into the origins and processing of coffee. Afterwards, we will practice on extraction of the espresso, steaming milk and latte art.

Because we keep our workshops small and personal, we are able to tailor them to your own personal level, preferences and skillset.

All our workshops are given at our own training center on the Lijnbaansgracht.

Duration training

2 hours, 4 hours

Amount of people

1 person, 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons


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