Espresso Coffee Gift Box

The perfect gift for all of your caffeine addicted friends and family members (or just for yourself)! The gift box contains two different espresso coffees (freshly roasted, as usual) and a set of two Back to Black cappuccino cups and saucers to serve the cappuccinos or double espressos in straight away. In this box you’ll find our Colombian and Ethiopian coffee.

Colombia Anserma notes: juicy, raisins, grapes, milk chocolate, big body
Ethiopia Bombe notes: tropical fruits, delicate florals

We ship every Tuesday and Thursday

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Giftbox includes:
Set of 2 Back to Black cappuccino cups and saucers
1 bag of espresso coffee Colombia Anserma (250 grams)
1 bag of espresso coffee Ethiopia Bombe (250 grams)

Brew within 6 weeks of roasting

Thank you for being addicted! 

Weight 2 kg


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