Burundi – Kibingo – Washed Anaerobic

This season we have a Burundi on offer again! It’s not just any Burundi, but one with a very special processing! This coffee is anaerobic fermented (in closed off tanks where oxygen cannot get in, but build up pressure can be released through valves) and to this fermentation special Oro Yeast is added. This is a type of yeast that has been developed specifically for coffee production. The yeast controls the wet process perfectly and makes sure the coffee can ferment a lot longer then normal washed coffee (for 36 hours!). During this time, all flavours have the chance to develop in the cherry. The Oro Yeast als makes sure the mostly fresh and fruity flavours get more pronounced, whilst staying true to the characteristics of the Red Bourbon variety. During the prolonged fermentation complexity, acidity, brightness and floral flavours are boosted.

Notes: apple, blackberry, dark chocolate, floral, sweet.

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Notes: apple, blackberry, dark chocolate, floral, sweet.
Farmr: 3515 farmers in the Kayanza commune
Variety: Red Bourbon
Region: Kayanza
Processing: washed anaerobic with Oro yeast
Processing station: Kibingo Washing Station
Harvest: 2021
Altitude: 1700-1900m
Mouthfeel: Medium body

Filter: Start 4 days after roast
Espresso: Start 10 days after roast

Brew within six weeks of roasting

Weight 0.2 kg

Espresso, Filter


Beans, Espressomachine, Moka pot, V60, Aeropress, Chemex, Quick filter, French Press


200 grams, 1000 grams


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