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What is it what a barista does to make the coffee taste and look that great? At Back to Black we have a lot of knowledge which we are happy to share with you in our trainings.

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SCA Training

The best introduction to coffee for each novice! Within this module, you learn about the origins of coffee and the road from coffee bean to cup. Are you interested in coffee, but you are not completely sure yet which direction you want to be heading? Introduction to Coffee offers you the perfect base to continue your learning curve. You learn to distinguish different sorts of coffee, you’ll learn about the production process of the beans and also about different brewing methods.

€100 – €140
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The ultimate base for every starting barista. After a theoretic start, we’ll work on setting the espresso grinders together. You’ll learn how to dial these in within one day and how to prepare a great espresso according to the SCA standards. Next to this, we’ll pay attention to steaming the milk and set a base for latte art.

€200 – €240
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For the more experienced baristas, who’ve long since learned the primary skills, but want to go that extra mile. In this two day training we will enter deeper grounds. Theory will be combined with practice. You’ll learn to taste flavours blind and how to create recipes for different coffees. We will also continue our steps with latte art and pay attention to how to work as a barista in practice: how do you deal with the technical aspects of the espresso machine, and how do you manage multiple orders at once? What financial aspects are there when it comes to preparing coffee?

€325 – 440
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For the true professionals. During this course we’ll approach the espresso scientifically. You’ll learn to fully finetune the grinders, to be able to truly prepare the perfect espresso of your own chosen coffee. All techniques, including latte art, will be perfected in this course. You can select your own coffee and prepare this optimally, next to that you’ll learn to fully comprehend the machinery, how to set this to your needs and how to operate them. You’ll also learn how to keep every part clean or how to change them when needed. We’ll pay attention to the latest trends of equipment, and also to the financial side when setting up and operating a coffee bar.

€630 – €800
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Meet our trainer

Sybilla is going to take you into the world of coffee, she is a passionate barista with years of experience. In 2017 Sybilla was named third best barista in the Dutch Barista championships. The trainings are of course very instructive but nevertheless Sybilla keeps the trainings very personal. This is also a good way to ensure that everyone will be challenged at his level.

Home barista workshop

In 1,5 hours we can explain and teach you how to extract an espresso perfectly, and we can show you how to brew with other brewing methods.


In 2 hours time we have plenty of time to practice the perfect extraction and to focus on foaming the milk to be able to get that nice microfoam for pouring latte art.


In 4 hours we will be able to dive deep in the world of coffee. We will start off with a cupping “coffee tasting” We will talk about the origin and production of the coffees and we will practice extracting the perfect espresso en and pouring some latte art.


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