Our roastery is located in the east of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. There you can find workstations for creative unique craftsmanships and there is also the possibility to organize events. It is an incredible place to roast coffee.

Out love for craftsmanship we started roasting our own coffee. Sourcing coffee with extraordinary characteristics is something we enjoy very much. It is amazing to make people happy with a high quality fresh cup of coffee.

Working method
We are buying Arabica beans with Specialty Grading and prefer purchasing from micro farms who are more likely to put extra care in harvesting and processing their coffee. Our preference goes to Direct Trade. This means that we are in contact with the farmer and are buying the coffee directly off them. Unfortunately this is not always possible and the reason why we have carefully selected transparent coffee importers who work closely with the farmer. Our importers stimulate the farmers to produce coffee in a more sustainable way for example our importers pay higher prices for coffee that is produced better and more sustainable. In short, coffee that a farmer can be proud of.  At Back to Black we value this way, instead of buying coffee with certifications we cannot always verify.

It is really important to us to communicate every step in the process, from coffee berry to coffee cup, as transparent as possible. It is our duty to give you as much information as possible.

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