Our story

Back to Black coffee is founded by Noortje Vlutters and Inge Bulthuis. We were eleven and twelve years old when we met and soon became friends, who travelled a lot together. We visited coffee bars all over the world and we often said to each other that one day we would open our own place.


A year after opening the coffee bar, we also started a coffee roastery. Both are based in Amsterdam. In 2015 we bought green coffee beans for the first time and started to roast it. Before I began this adventure, I spent a lot of time reading about roasting coffee and I watched other roasters. I also took a three days roasting course at Boot Academy. I followed a roasting class at the Berlin school of Coffee later that year.

In that same year I passed my four days SCAE Green bean & Sensory foundation course during the Barista Camp EU in Italy. In 2016 I attended the Roasting Camp EU in Estonia, accompanied by roasters from all over Europe. They provided lectures and hands-on training during three wonderful days.

I always try to keep up-to-date with the newest developments by reading into it and following courses. In my opinion an excellent coffee roaster has a lot of experience, but maybe even more so the need to continuously gather information about coffee and roasting.


In our business, sustainability is an important aspect for the decisions we make. This is based on everything that involves Back to Black, from biological detergent to a green energy supplier. When I was a child, I already felt that decisions should be made not only based on yourself, but also on your surroundings, the world and the people around you.

We carefully think about the ingredients used for baking and we try to make everything ourselves. Only then we know for sure which ingredients areĀ used for our products. We have become a small bakery and we like to use our own secret recipes. People in the neighbourhood even order whole pies for their birthdays. There are three amazing Back to Black bakers, who make all the pies and cakes themselves. They regularly surprise our customers with new recipes.

Thank you for being addicted!